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Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month: Understanding and Spreading the Word

Discover the crucial aspects of gynecological cancers—learn about early detection, prevention strategies, and how empowering knowledge can shape women's health.

Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day: Prioritizing Health and Well-being

Discover the transformative power of regular medical check-ups and why prioritizing the health of your loved ones is the key to a harmonious and fulfilling life.

What Causes Cancer? What We Know and What We Don't

Unravel the intricate factors behind cancer, from genetics to lifestyle, and discover the global impact of this formidable disease.

The Role of Angiogenesis Inhibitors in Cancer Treatment

Discover the transformative potential of angiogenesis in reshaping the future of cancer treatment.

What Do Cancer Patients Need to Know About "Off-Label" Drugs?

Learn about "off-label" drugs in cancer care and empower yourself to make informed treatment choices.

Herceptin: The Revolutionary Antibody Therapy for Breast Cancer

The transformative power of Herceptin in breast cancer treatment, from its roots in oncogene discovery to its revolutionary impact today.

A Cancer Patient's Guide to Palliative Care and Hospice

Uncover the essential differences between Palliative and Hospice care, and discover the best support for every stage of the cancer journey.

Unraveling the Obesity-Cancer Mystery

Discover the intricate relationship between obesity and cancer, and how science is striving to demystify this complex connection.

Patient Guide to Understanding Types of Cancer

Delve into the intricacies of cancer, from its origins and how it is diagnosed.

Online Cancer Communities: The Good, the Bad, and the Deeply Personal

Uncover the power of online cancer communities, from emotional support to potential pitfalls, and learn how to find the right community for you.

Appendix Cancer is on the Rise: What to Know

Discover the crucial facts about the rising incidence of appendix cancer, its symptoms, causes, and treatment options, and learn about the resources available for patients.

Vaccinations During Cancer Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide

This comprehensive guide explores the crucial role of vaccinations during cancer treatment, discussing the types of vaccines, their safety, and their importance for patients.

World Lung Cancer Day 2023

This comprehensive article explores the significance of World Lung Cancer Day 2023, providing insights into the history, global impact, prevention, and treatment of lung cancer, and how you can participate in this important day.

Scanxiety Unpacked: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Cancer-Related Scans

This comprehensive guide demystifies the world of cancer-related scans, providing valuable insights into what to expect, interpreting results, and strategies to cope with scanxiety.

How Serious is Skin Cancer?

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the seriousness of skin cancer, detailing its types, how to identify it, prevention strategies, and the importance of early detection, in observance of UV Awareness Month.

MSI-H/MMR: An Essential Guide for Cancer Patients

This comprehensive guide explains the crucial role of MSI-H/MMR in cancer development, testing, treatment, and hereditary risk, providing essential information for cancer patients and their families.

Journey Through Time: Major Milestones in the Battle Against Cancer

A timeline of the major milestones in cancer research and treatment, tracing the journey from the earliest descriptions of cancer in ancient times to the cutting-edge technologies of today.

Cancer Vaccines Aren't What You Think

Explore the reality of cancer vaccines, their development, and their promising future in our latest article, debunking common misconceptions and highlighting their role in treating existing cancers and preventing recurrence.

July 19 is Glioblastoma Awareness Day

A comprehensive overview of glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor, covering its definition, diagnosis, treatment options, and the importance of supportive care, in honor of Glioblastoma Awareness Day.

Artificial Intelligence: Reshaping the Field of Radiology and Cancer Detection

Explore how AI is revolutionizing radiology, reshaping cancer detection and monitoring, and offering a more precise, personalized approach to treatment through advanced medical imaging analysis

July 13 is GIST Awareness Day

GIST Awareness Day is an annual event aimed at raising awareness about gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST), providing information on diagnosis, treatment options, and support resources for individuals living with the condition.

Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Awareness Month

Sarcoma and Bone Cancer Awareness Month sheds light on these rare types of cancer, providing crucial information on types, symptoms, treatment options, and support resources.

The Cancer Patient’s Guide to Clinical Trials

Discover the world of clinical trials and their crucial role in advancing cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy Shortages: What Patients Need to Know

Discover how chemotherapy shortages impact cancer patients and learn effective coping strategies to manage treatment delays.

Pembrolizumab: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

From its early discoveries to FDA approvals, we uncover the remarkable journey of Pembrolizumab.

Striking a Balance: Enjoying the Sun Responsibly this July

Navigate the delicate balance between enjoying the sun's warm embrace and safeguarding our skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

How to Get Your Oncologist to Order NextGen Tumor Sequencing and 8 Common Roadblocks You Can Overcome

NextGen Sequencing can unlock more personalized treatments, but this new technology is not reaching all cancer patients. What we've learned helping patients get access.

What Everyone Needs to Know about Cancer Treatment

The experts agree. Every cancer patient receives the best possible treatment on a clinical trial, but only 3% of adult patients are accessing. What gives?

How do I talk to my oncologist about innovative treatments?

Standard therapy is, well, standard and is likely what you’ll be offered. By getting cancer patients in front of the right doctors and asking the right questions, we begin the conversation about what might be possible.

Does it matter which oncologist I see or what medical center I go to?

You may love your oncologist, and we hope you do, but depending on your unique cancer situation, different treatment options may be offered at different medical centers.

What are innovative treatments and why should I consider them?

Cancer patients have more options today than most realize. For nearly every cancer patient we’ve served, we’ve been able to identify an appropriate innovative option that was not being considered.

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