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Maximize your longevity and quality of life. We will uncover and unlock personalized cancer treatments for you. 


What Every Cancer Patient Faces: Finding The Most Effective Treatments
Sagely Health goes the extra mile by researching heavily into databases of over 13,000 standard therapies, clinical trials, and accessible drugs to see which may benefit the patient most.

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Jennifer in Florida
5 gold stars

"Your help is enormous! I don’t know how anyone could ever navigate the medical maze of cancer treatment, research, etc nearly as well and fast without you and your staff!”

Do you know and understand the best options available to fight your cancer?

For many cancer patients, especially those with advanced or metastatic disease, your oncologist is unlikely to know the best, newest science-based treatments.

Cancer is complex and no two cancer patients are the same.

We find personlized options that are an exact match for your situation and likely to work better than standard treatment.

The healthcare system for cancer patients is particularly hard to navigate.

We give you a roadmap and make sure you access the most innovative and hopeful treatments possible.

Oncologists can’t keep up with the pace of innovation.

We have built the tools and deep expertise to track the entire oncology landscape in real-time.

Be Confident You’re Getting the Right Care

Most patients don’t know they can access treatments beyond standard treatments they are offered.


An Expert Review of Your Situation
We help gather your medical records and interview you to learn your details and preferences
We evaluate treatments and diagnostics you have already received or are considering
We prepare a personal summary to facilitate communication
Research Your Personalized Treatment Options
We perform a best-in-class search of all possible treatment options (including clinical trials)
We identify your best treatment options and how you can access them
We create a treatment roadmap with specific recommendations
Connect to Expert Oncologists for Second Opinions
We determine which second-opinion doctors you should see to explore options
We support you in setting up appointments and personally introducing your situation
We prepare you with questions to ask your doctor(s)
Empower You to Advocate for Better Care
We present your roadmap and answer questions via a 1-hour video chat with Dr. Sager
We review options and help with any treatment decisions after getting your second opinion
We remain available to answer any cancer questions you have while we work together
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Mary in New York
5 gold stars

“Thank you so much for this. It is helpful for me to have good questions to ask my doctor, so I appreciate you making it so easy for me - especially when I’m not mentally my best right now.”

What You'll Receive

Explore Report

Personalized Research and a Detailed Report

From over 13,000 possible treatment approaches, we identify the ones most likely to benefit you.

We create an easy-to-follow report with a patient summary, doctor recommendations, treatments, evidence, and questions.

Expertise, Access, and Advocacy

We know how complex cancer can be. We make sure you understand your best options and connect you to expert doctors that match your exact needs.

Consultations include a 1-hour walkthrough and Q&A session with Dr. Sager.

A Plan For You

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Detailed Intake and Help Gathering Relevant Medical Records
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Review of Treatments and Advanced Diagnostics Received or Considering
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Personalized Patient Summary
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Exhaustive Research on Your Treatment Options 
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Detailed Treatment Roadmap (Your Personalized Report)
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Second Opinion Doctor Recommendations
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Support Making Appointments and Introductions
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Prepared Personalized Questions to Ask the Doctor
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1 Hour Walkthrough and Q&A Session with Dr. Sager
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Second Opinion Follow-Up and Decision Support
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Availability to Answer Your Cancer Questions or Concerns
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Communication with Your Doctors
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Regular Meetings and Check-Ins
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Ongoing Clinical Trial Monitoring
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Ongoing Decision Support and Research
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For many patients, getting connected to the right oncologist and asking the right questions provides a sense of relief and confidence and leads to better outcomes.

For patients that want an ongoing quarterback for their care team, our concierge service is available.
$1500 to start
All concierge service starts with our consultation and then we charge monthly or via a retainer.
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Susan in Boston
5 gold stars

"My entire family is extremely thankful to Dr. Sager for his professionalism, his deep empathy, and cheerful demeanor. More importantly, he empowers the patients and their families with knowledge and vision for a better outcome. Dr. Sager has remained as my advocate and continued to help me post-treatment."

Sagely Health was created by an oncologist and drug developer

Photograph of Jason Sager, MD
Jason Sager, MD
CEO and Founder
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I see the chaos brought on by a cancer diagnosis and know that the system does not do enough for patients and their families.

For those that are less than completely satisfied with their cancer care, I want to help with your lingering questions. I want to ensure you can access the best, personalized cancer treatments.
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Dr. Sager trained and served as a pediatric oncologist, learning principles of collaboration and innovation that can be brought to all cancer care. He also led teams that developed new cancer medicines that have benefited many patients. He has always been an active advocate for cancer patients.

Having seen the entire oncology landscape from all sides—from the deeply scientific to the deeply personal—he has a powerful vision and the unique qualifications to create real change for cancer patients.

Meet Dr. Sager in our morning meeting videos

Hear Dr. Sager talk about our approach

Learn how we match patients the best second opinion for them.
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Caitlin in UK
5 gold stars

“If I hadn’t hired Sagely Health, my father would not have been enrolled in an immunotherapy trial that has multiplied his chances of survival.  Even though I now have a reputation for being “politely pushy,” my relationships with my father’s doctors have gone from strength to strength.”

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