Are you HER2-negative? Or HER2-low?

Friday, November 17 at 3 pm ET

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Rethinking HER2 Status in Breast Cancer

In this enlightening Sagely Health webinar, join Jeremy, CTO at Sagely Health, and Dr. Jason Sager, MD, founder of Sagely Health, as they delve into the crucial topic of HER2-low breast cancer. This discussion aims to shed light on a lesser-known but significant area of breast cancer research that impacts many patients.

Dr. Sager provides a comprehensive overview of breast cancer fundamentals, emphasizing the role of receptors like ER, PR, and HER2 in diagnosis and treatment. The webinar highlights the groundbreaking discovery of HER2-low breast cancer, explaining its diagnosis, implications for patient care, and the evolving landscape of targeted therapies.Discover the nuances of HER2-low classification, learn about the latest advancements in treatment options, and understand the importance of proactive patient inquiry in managing this condition.

Dr. Sager also discusses the broader implications of HER2 in cancers beyond breast cancer, emphasizing the importance of genetic testing and personalized treatment approaches.Whether you are a patient, caregiver, or healthcare professional, this webinar offers valuable insights into the dynamic field of breast cancer treatment and research, particularly focusing on the emerging category of HER2-low breast cancer. Stay informed and explore potential treatment avenues, including clinical trials, for this specific breast cancer subtype.