VIDEO: What you should know if you are diagnosed with colon cancer

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In this Webinar, Jason Sager, MD discusses colon cancer and takes submitted questions.Colon cancer is a unique type of cancer and there is a lot to consider.

We discuss a colon cancer patient’s options for screening, treatment, surgery, and monitoring.

We cover these important topics:

👉 Colon cancer is unique in that even when metastatic, surgical cures are possible in about 30% of cases. We’ll discuss why this is true and what patients should know.

👉 Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of innovation in how colon cancer is treated over time, which makes getting NextGen sequencing double important. There are over 450 clinical trials recruiting for colon cancer in the US and they are considering over 75 different gene mutations as a point of attack.

👉 Neoadjuvant treatment (getting chemo or radiation treatment before surgery) can make the surgery less extensive and allow for more and quicker surgical reversals. Find out when this should be considered, even if it is not being offered.

There is a lot to consider with colon cancer.


0:00 Introduction

1:04 Colon Cancer Screening (Colonoscopy is now at 45 years old)

3:07 Cologuard Test (from Exact Sciences) as an additional screening option

6:21 Metastatic Colon Cancer and Oligometastatic Disease (Treatment Options in Liver and Lung Spread)

13:45 NextGen Sequencing and Immunotherapy and targeted approaches (including MSI-High)

17:16 Surgery and Neoadjuvant Therapy Options (preoperative chemotherapy)

20:30 Creating your own tumor board if you are not offered one

23:05 Lynch Syndrome and young people with Colon Cancer (increased monitoring and not immediate surgery)

28:00 Choosing a Colon Cancer Surgeon

32:47 What does a CEA Test mean for Colon Cancer?

36:24 No evidence of disease and monitoring after treatment (CEA and CTDNA or Liquid Tumor Biopsy)

40:40 Gene Mutations and Targeted Therapy in Colon Cancer (clinical trial approaches)

42:40 Avoiding Colon Cancer Surgery by getting NextGen sequencing as soon as possible (and Neoadjuvant Therapy)

45:44 Invitation to Submit Questions on Sagely Health website

If you have a question we didn’t cover, you can always ask us directly at: