WEBINAR: What Should Patients Know About Clinical Trials?

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It is a very exciting time scientifically. Our understanding of the genetic drivers of cancer is improving and more personalized treatments are being discovered.

But these advances are not reaching most patients.

Even though there are over 13,000 clinical trials for cancer available, most patients will only be offered standard treatments.

Many cancer patients should be looking to clinical trials earlier than they realize.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how clinical trials work in cancer and what cancer patients need to know.

Dr. Sager has lead drug development teams. He has a deep understanding of running clinical trials for cancer not only as a researcher and clinician, but also as a patient advocate.


0:00 Introduction and Dr. Sager’s Background

2:24 What are clinical trials and why are they run?

4:06 All cancer drugs go through trials and are about improving outcomes

6:36 How clinical trials have changed and why phase 1 trials offer more hope now

9:58 How trials are structured (placebos and getting standard of care)

14:54 Understanding the benefits of clinical trials based on scientific insights

17:22 Where are clinical trials available and how do you find them?

20:20 Using the clinicaltrials.gov website

23:17 What can patients do to connect to trials and expert for you cancer

27:10 How Sagely Health decides on recommending cancer centers and connects patients

29:55 Clinical Trials and money (do you have to pay or will you get paid?)

34:50 When should a patient consider a clinical trial?

37:37 Which cancer patient get access to clinical trials, and how Sagely Health helps.