WEBINAR: Second Opinions in Cancer: Why to get a second opinion and how to choose the right oncologist

In this webinar, we sat down with Dr. Jason Sager to talk about second opinions in cancer.

When there is a questions about the diagnosis, the oncologist will often lead the second opinion process, but this is only one type of second opinion.

We discuss how to get a second opinion to uncover different treatment options. And why most second opinions do not lead to better treatments.

We discuss getting a second opinion early and assembling your own informal tumor board that crosses different cancer centers.

Second opinions can be considered at any time, including before surgery or when there is a relapse or return of the cancer.

We cover how Sagely Health find patients they ideal second opinions for their particular cancer type and situation


0:00 Introduction

0:45 Do most cancer patient get a second opinion?

1:24  When the cancer diagnosis itself is unclear

2:59 Why second opinions don’t lead to different cancer treatments

5:07 Oncologists that can also offer clinical trials

6:45 NCCN Guidelines and accessible therapies for cancer

8:57 Why only 3% of cancer patients get access to clinical trials

11:36 Accessing an oncologist that has access to trials

15:20 How Sagely Health choose second opinions for a patient

17:18 Surgery and second opinions and building your own tumor board

21:45 Second options when there is a recurrence (the cancer returns)

25:40 Objections to getting second opinions

29:15 Taking to your oncologist about getting a second opinion