VIDEO: Colorectal Cancer: Risk and Options

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March is Colorectal Cancer Month.

In this webinar, we wanted to raise awareness about how to assess your level of risk and what diagnostic and treatment options are available.

Overall, get screened at 45 years old (earlier if you have additional risk factors).

If you find yourself facing colorectal cancer, it can be hard to understand your risks and options with this slow-growing but relentless cancer.

We give advice on what to do at each stage of colon cancer including getting personalized medicine via tumor sequencing and clinical trials.

We cover:

0:00 Introduction

1:00 Screening and the rise of colorectal cancer in younger patients (risk factors)

4:45 Colon cancer grows slowly, but can be relentless

6:30 If you are diagnosed, how do you understand your risks?

8:19 Neoadjuvant therapy (treatment before surgery)

10:14 What you need to do before surgery: tumor sequencing and referrals to oncologists

15:01 Treatment options: looking at clinical trials as first-line treatment

18:06 Why consider trials as first-line treatment is important

19:31 Standard of care and personalized medicine (using tumor sequencing to match to trials)

22:19 How to get personalized medicine in cancer

25:01 Metastatic colon cancer treatment options currently in trials

28:44 Getting sequencing and what to do with the results