VIDEO: Advances and Innovations in Cervical Cancer

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January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

In this webinar (recorded live on Jan 12, 2023), Jason Sager, MD discusses advances and innovation in Cervical Cancer.As one of a handful of cancer types that are known to be caused by a virus, specifically HPV, there is a lot of focus on prevention via the HPV vaccine. However, for those facing Cervical Cancer now, we review what treatments are standard and what innovative approaches are available in clinical trials.

We cover a lot, but if you have any specific questions or need help facing cancer, we're here to help. Ask a question here:



0:56 Cervical cancer overview

3:59 The HPV vaccine and ability to prevent cervical cancer

6:48 Does the HPV vaccine help if cancer has already been diagnosed?

10:55 The HPV vaccine vs. a cancer vaccine

11:27 What are standard treatments for cervical cancer?

16:30 How well does Pembrolizumab work in cervical cancer?

17:40 Current recruiting clinical trials for cervical cancer

21:00 When to consider a clinical trial for cervical cancer

23:30 Connecting to a clinical trial for cervical cancer

25:20 Innovations in diagnostics

28:00 Getting your cancer questions answered

28:59 Funding for prevention vs funding for treatment

35:40 Finding a trial and connecting to investigators