WEBINAR: Clinical Trials for Pancreatic Cancer

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What is happening in clinical trials and how can patients get access?

Recorded on November 17, 2022, which is World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day

In this info packed 35-minute Webinar, Jason Sager, MD gives and overview of clinical trials for pancreatic cancer and address pancreatic cancer patient's specific questions.


0:00 Introduction

1:28 Standard Therapies and Novel Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer

3:00 Immunotherapy Clinical Trials

9:14 What is CD40?

12:15 Cancer Vaccine Trials

14:39 Neo-adjuvant Treatment and Surgery Trials

20:15 KRAS and Trials based on Genetic Mutations

27:30 Accessing Clinical Trials (Getting a Referral)

30:30 Ampullary Cancer Question (Rare Solid Tumor) and Clinical Trials