WEBINAR: Cancer Question and Answer Session with Dr. Jason Sager (Aug 2022)

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Cancer, Oncology, Clinical Trials, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Immunotherapy, Targeted Therapy - there is a lot to cover.

In our first recorded Webinar session, Dr. Jason Sager, founder and CEO at Sagely Health takes questions from cancer patients. We cover when surgery and chemotherapy is an option. We discuss when and how other approaches like immunotherapy and targeted therapies can and should be considered. Many of these approaches are now available (if you have Next Generation Tumor Sequencing) as standard therapies, but more often, in clinical trials. We discuss when to consider clinical trials (maybe earlier than you think) and how trials work for cancer patients. We cover a wide range of topics and for any patient trying to find alternatives to standard chemo and make sure they are getting the best treatment science has to offer, there is great information here.

If you want to discuss any details of your cancer care or you’d like to submit questions for future webinars, reach out to us: https://www.sagelyhealth.com/contact-us or find us on twitter: https://twitter.com/SagelyHealth

0:00 Opening Remarks

1:35 What does Sagely Health Do?

3:18 When Is Surgery an Option and What Else Should Be Considered?

5:42 Cancer is a Disease of Genetic Breakdown

8:01 What is Chemotherapy, What Does It Do, and What Are Alternatives like Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy?

10:51 Why Do We Give Patients Chemotherapy and How Can We Do Better?

13:19 What Can Be Done Before, During, or After Chemo? How Do I Talk to My Doctor About It?

15:17 Chemo is virtually never the only option. Bringing Innovations Earlier.

17:50 What Can You Expect on a Clinical Trial?

19:41 What Are New Cancer Therapies and What is Tumor Sequencing?

22:48 What is Immunotherapy and How Does It Work?

29:19 How Long Do You Take Immunotherapy?

32:29 When Should You Consider Clinical Trials for Cancer?

35:31 Why Starting With Innovative Therapies is Better and Seeing a Tumor Board (involving a medical and radiation oncologist before surgery)

38:54 Not Being Rushed After a Cancer Diagnosis and Getting a Second Opinion

41:10 Closing Remarks