Latest Advances in Cancer Treatments | Webinar

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There are a lot of new approaches in cancer including Next Generation Tumor Sequencing, Immunotherapy, CAR-T Therapy, and Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs).

In this webinar we discuss the latest exciting advances in cancer treatment and we discuss how Sagely Health helps patient access the the latest, most promising treatments matched to their exact situations.

We perform some example patients searches to show how many trials are available across the US.


0:00 Introduction

1:06 What are the most exciting advances in cancer today? 

2:44 Advances in immunotherapy across different cancer types

7:35 Who is a good candidate for immunotherapy and the role of Next Gen Sequencing.

15:05 CAR-T Therapy - what is it, how does it work, which patients are benefiting, and how can patient access.

20:29 Example  innovative therapy search for an ovarian cancer patient

27:05 Looking at clinical trials while you're on standard therapy

29:14 Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) - What they are and how they work

35:29 Example innovative therapy search for breast cancer patient

43:09 How Sagely Health helps patients