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A reason for hope.

Innovative treatments have improved the survival rate significantly in the last 30-years, with death rate dropping by 26% between 1991 and 2015. Emerging cancer research in immunotherapy and targeted therapy is changing the cancer treatment landscape and carries an even more exciting promise for the future.

Fighting barriers

The biggest problem for cancer patients today is the immense barriers to recognizing and accessing the most hopeful options available to them. Only 2%-3% of cancer patients succeed in obtaining innovative treatment offered only through clinical trials.

A race against time. The pace of clinical trials is slow, and for a patient with a serious cancer diagnosis, waiting 10-15 years for a new drug to enter the market is not an option.

Information Silos. Competition between pharma companies and cancer centers fuels the pursuit of cancer medicines, but it also silos the information and access to innovative therapies. As a result, cancer patients and caregivers cannot find unbiased sources with real-time validated data of every possible treatment option.

All options. One place.

Sagely Health will identify all viable options, including clinical trials. Our database of diagnostics and treatment options is updated daily, and our sophisticated search algorithm incorporates the patient’s specific medical situation and personal preferences. For cancer patients and their families, it means that now, for the first time, all treatment options can be considered, in one place.

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