Why Patients Work with Sagely Health

In a review of patients guided by Sagely Health, we found:


had a significant insight
Includes changes to treatment plan and clinical trial matching.


lived longer than expected
Survival results based on comparison to scientific literature.

2 years

of extended life, on average
Patients lived, on average, 24.2 months past their median survival duration.


Patients guided by Sagely Health are 10x more likely to enroll in a clinical trial. 
51% of Sagely Health patients enroll in clinical trials vs. the national average of 3%.


Innovative treatments are most often available in clinical trials.

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To arrive at these findings, we reviewed the outcomes for 100 randomly selected patients* we guided. These patients were diverse with many different types of cancer and situations. Every cancer patient is unique and these findings do not suggest the exact same results will be obtained for any individual patient.


Sagely Health can guide any cancer patient. Most often, we serve patients with advanced and metastatic disease.

2% localized, 21% advanced, 77% metastatic


We are able to serve patient of any age and any type of cancer. Our patients tend to be older as the prevalence of cancer does rise with age.

38 different types of cancer
Ages 10-83 with an average age of 59


At Sagely Health, we’re incredibly energized by these results, and firmly believe there is still more that we can and will do. We are on a mission to ensure every cancer patient achieves their best possible outcome.
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*Of these 100 patients, we exclude some from the analysis: Five (5) patients were considered curable, meaning their localized tumor was completely removed via surgery and therefore we excluded from the analysis as to not skew the results. Ten (10) patients were unreachable for follow up and therefore had to be excluded. Ten patients had not, at this time, reached their median survival time, but were still alive. We’ll update our data and findings over time we continue to track these patients.

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