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Patients face immense barriers to recognizing and accessing
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Why Sagely Health

Cancer is common, complex, and deadly. Despite significant progress in recent years, a patient still battles the grim statistics of a 50-50 chance of survival at 10-years on average.

While desperately needing to win this race against time, cancer patients face immense barriers to recognizing and accessing the best treatment options. Essentially, they need to become experts overnight and successfully navigate a system that often fails them.

Sagely Health is a cancer expert guidance company, providing unbiased, advanced, and personalized treatment roadmaps. We leverage innovative technology and a powerful approach that quickly identifies all viable diagnostics and treatment options, including clinical trials, arms patients with actionable strategies, and supports their implementation.

Our growing community of patients is evidence that hope for longer, healthier lives, is within reach.

Our Story

CEO & President of Sagely Health, LLC

Jason is a Pediatric Oncologist by training for 18 years who previously worked at Johns Hopkins and Dana Farber and as a drug developer for new oncology therapies at Genentech, Novartis, and Sanofi.

He founded Sagely Health in 2014 to bring cancer patients (both children and adults) better solutions and accelerate cancer cures with a unique perspective and expertise on the issues and passion for doing more directly for cancer patients.

His goal is to revolutionize our society’s approach to cancer patients, and by so doing, create insights that benefit all.

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