In 2014, I founded Sagely Health to help patients overcome the chaos that surrounds a cancer diagnosis, starting with navigating the system to access the right treatment from the right doctor, every step of the way. 

Because the system has its biases, most patients are not fully aware of their options, especially the newest and most promising ones. 

We provide value as unbiased cancer experts and as the champions of patients.  Through our effort, we have achieved remarkable success since inception.   

Our goal is to ensure every cancer patient achieves their best possible outcome. We identify the most scientifically promising and innovative treatment options available for patients and then create a report that includes all the relevant information to discuss with the patient’s oncologist and care team. 

Our reports instruct patients about:

  1. Where to go and who to see
  2. What treatments to seek (including clinical trials)
  3. What questions to ask any doctor to facilitate the patient’s best outcome

By getting patients in front of the right oncologist who has the best options and expertise to match their situation, we know that we can begin the right conversation and achieve the patient’s best possible outcome.

Whether a patient is seeking their first treatment or their fifth, we never stop or give up. We leave no stone unturned and empower patients to communicate and work with their care team to reach their most hopeful options.

If you or someone you love is suffering with cancer, I hope that we can be of service.

— Jason Sager, MD

We recently rigorously reviewed 100 patients we guided and the results were clear: Patients who work with Sagely Health are more likely to access innovative treatments and thereby benefit from them.

Dr. Sager trained and served as a pediatric oncologist. He also led teams that developed new cancer medicines that have benefited many patients. He has always been an active advocate for cancer patients.

Having seen the entire oncology landscape from all sides—from the deeply scientific to the deeply personal—he has a powerful vision and the unique qualifications to create real change for cancer patients.

Meet Dr. Sager and hear from a patient in their own words.


Johns Hopkins University
B.A. (Biology)

Cornell University Medical College
M.D. (Medicine)

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles
PL-1 & 2 (Pediatrics)

Johns Hopkins Hospital
PL-3 (Pediatrics) & Fellow (Pediatric Oncology)

National Cancer Institute (NIH)
Fellow (Shared Program)

Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Clinical Instructor in Pediatric Oncology


Sanofi - Oncology Division
Head of US Early Clinical Development

Oncology Medical Director

Genentech, Inc
Associate Medical Director