Dr. Sager and the Sagely Health team are passionate about cancer patients like you.

Our mission is to ensure every cancer patient achieves their best possible outcome.
Dr. Jason Sager
Jason Sager, MD
CEO and Founder of Sagely Health

Dear Cancer Patient,

As an oncologist by training, I see the chaos brought on by a cancer diagnosis and know that the system does not do enough for patients and their families.

  • Are you less than completely satisfied with your cancer care?

  • Do you have lingering questions about your situation?

  • Are you concerned you may not be getting the best personalized cancer treatment?

If so, we want to hear from you.

New cancer patients who are at high risk for the cancer to return or have already had a recurrence are particularly vulnerable. Often, patients need more than the standard of care offered by the healthcare system.

  • Do you have high-risk cancer?

  • Are you worried the cancer will return or grow?

  • Are you afraid of running out of options (or has your oncologist shrugged when asked)?

If so, we want to hear from you.

Advanced or metastatic patients, who are unlikely to be cured, need access to innovative medicines. As a drug developer, I saw how exciting and hopeful these medicines can be. However, most oncologists today, consider them too late or not at all.

  • Do you know what future breakthroughs for your cancer type are accessible today?

  • Have you seen reports of wonderful advancements and wondered if they are right for you?

  • Are you interested in a clinical trial but unsure how to access the best/right one?

  • Have you been told there are no actionable mutations or findings on your tumor sequencing?

If so, we can help.

I set up Sagely Health in 2014 and we have been guiding patients ever since. Our methods are scientifically backed and result in better outcomes. I am joined by a passionate team of researchers and cancer advocates.

We look forward to hearing from you and guiding you (or your loved one).

Best Wishes,

Jason Sager, MD
CEO and Founder, Sagely Health

Dr. Sager trained and served as a pediatric oncologist, learning principles of collaboration and innovation that can be brought to all cancer care. He also led teams that developed new cancer medicines that have benefited many patients. He has always been an active advocate for cancer patients.

Having seen the entire oncology landscape from all sides—from the deeply scientific to the deeply personal—he has a powerful vision and the unique qualifications to create real change for cancer patients.



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Caitlin in UK
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“If I hadn’t hired Sagely Health, my father would not have been enrolled in an immunotherapy trial that has multiplied his chances of survival.  Even though I now have a reputation for being “politely pushy,” my relationships with my father’s doctors have gone from strength to strength.”

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Susan in Boston
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"My entire family is extremely thankful to Dr. Sager for his professionalism, his deep empathy, and cheerful demeanor. More importantly, he empowers the patients and their families with knowledge and vision for a better outcome. Dr. Sager has remained as my advocate and continued to help me post-treatment."

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Our mission is to ensure every cancer patient achieves their best possible outcome.
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