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A true personalized guide in cancer treatment 

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at my 30’s, my family was living 3000 miles away on the west coast. I was desperate for professional and emotional support. A friend recommended Sagely Health - A Boston based company provides services for cancer patients to achieve the best possible outcome. After researched the website and learned about Dr. Sager’s experience and background, I decided to reach out to him. 

I remember in our first conversation, Dr. Sager relayed a sense of confidence, empathy, and reassurance. He made me feel centered in the emotional chaos. He was patient when I repeatedly asked the same question. He helped me walk through my pathology report and told me what therapies I should expect to receive. I had a few oncologists on my list, yet I didn’t know which one to choose. Dr. Sager helped me to research the oncologists’ expertise and clinical interest. He provided his opinion and recommendation. I followed his guidance.

When I had my first appointment with my oncologist. Dr. Sager was there with me. He listened carefully and took notes. He provided his opinion and asked whether I could try the newly approved drug which can provide additional therapeutic benefits. My oncologist was not sure if the insurance would pay for that. Dr. Sager and my oncologist re-visited my exams and medical history, they found that my condition fits the requirement. I eventually had the opportunity to receive the new drug. 

My mom accompanied me in the infusion room during the cancer treatment. Dr. Sager visited me a few times. My mom later told me that Dr. Sager comforted her and encouraged her to stay strong. To this day, my mom still has tears in her eyes when speaking of the hope and energy Dr. Sager provided to her.

My entire family is extremely thankful to Dr. Sager for his professionalism, his deep empathy, and cheerful demeanor. More importantly, he empowers the patients and their families with knowledge and vision for a better outcome. Dr. Sager has remained as my advocate and continued to help me post-treatment.

As a cancer patient, fighting cancer could be a long journey. I feel fortunate to have Dr. Sager on my side. 

Patient Story

Take the burden of your cancer journey off your shoulders: hire Sagely Health.

Warning!  This is a long, very personal review.  I hope that it helps you.

I’ve learned from painful past experiences (my mother died of lung cancer) that the prejudices, preferences, and limitations of whatever healthcare system you find yourself in make “the fight against cancer” so much harder than it needs to be.
When my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year, I vowed that his journey would not be a repeat of my mother’s or my sister-in-law’s.  And so I hired Dr. Jason Sager, M.D., CEO and founder of Sagely Health.  It was the best decision I ever made: it saved my father’s life.

The healthcare system is replete with dedicated, over-worked doctors and other healthcare professionals, all doing the best that they can in an imperfect system: a system that requires patients to conform, instead of adapting itself to their needs; a system that is a minefield to navigate; a system in which it is impossible for a layperson to evaluate whether the advised course of action is the right thing to do—or even whether it’s necessary at all.

After watching two family members surrender their power and “do as they were told”—with extremely distressing results.  I hired Sagely Health determined that my father would not suffer the same fate.

It has been an exhausting 14 months with many twists and turns.  I shudder to think what would have happened had I not had Sagely Health whispering in my ear.  

After clarifying my goals and my father’s current situation, Dr Sager created a personal map of the territory that lay ahead for my father’s cancer journey.  At every juncture, letting me know what “gold standard” treatment looked like; highlighted where there was a gap; and showed me how to access that five-star level of treatment regardless of any resistance I might encounter.  All of this was done without antagonizing the medical professionals—absolutely key!

I found this invaluable—and reassuring.  The weight of being responsible for a loved one’s cancer journey can feel increasingly overwhelming and I was terrified of making a mistake.  With Dr Sager in my back pocket, my father and I got on with “chopping wood, carrying water,” confident that a highly-qualified, independent someone had one eye constantly on the medium- and long-term strategy.

I am the kind of person who usually does masses of research when faced with a crisis but I found this was one area where research was simply not enough.  There is actually too much data out there!  Nor did I have the ability to sift through it and decide which pathway was undeniably the best.   What I needed was a trained oncologist who would pinpoint exactly which ground-breaking therapies were available and be a precise match for my father’s specific situation.  (Octogenarians have fewer options: many cannot tolerate what younger people can.  And I experienced first-hand how they are not offered treatments for which they are a perfect fit.)

I also needed support in dialoguing with his doctors to let them know which treatment pathway we would be pursuing.  I’m educated, but I couldn’t even pronounce many of the terms and acronyms the doctors unleashed just minutes into the conversation.  Before every meeting I was fully prepped and even given ‘cheat sheets’ to hand to the doctors if my lack of “doctor-speak” became a hindrance.

If I hadn’t hired Sagely Health, my father would not have been enrolled in an immunotherapy trial that has multiplied his chances of survival.  Even though I now have a reputation for being “politely pushy,” my relationships with my father’s doctors have gone from strength to strength.
As a result of him aceing the immunotherapy treatment, other octogenarians will now be offered a place on this trial—a trial for a drug, I might add, that is already approved by the FDA in the US, yet not given to cancer patients in the UK until their situation is worsened.

Likewise, we advocated for early DNA analysis of the tumor that was removed from his bladder in a bid to be fully prepared for any possible reoccurrence.

Dr Sager even found a newly-developed urine test—Bladder EpiCheck—that is about to be launched in the UK very soon—a simple test that replaces unpleasant cystoscopies and gives instant peace-of-mind.  I am already slated to be the first customer the moment it hits these shores.

Perhaps my last point is one of the most important: throughout this process we have been dealing with four separate hospitals, none of which seem to be able to communicate with one another.  It has been left to me to bridge the communication gaps, iron out misunderstandings, circumnavigate clashes and omissions, and keep important balls in play.  This includes exploring a worrying phenomenon that was deemed “not worth bothering about” but clearly was—thanks to Sagely Health.

Dr. Sager is an independent oncologist whose company has built a ground-breaking platform that will match you with trials that are perfect for your unique situation.  He is also one of the smartest, most compassionate, and most dedicated doctors I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He helps patients to blaze their own trail, on their own terms, and come out smiling.  And he takes the extraordinary burden of responsibility off the shoulders of their loved ones.  When it comes to the fight against cancer, both the journey and the destination matter in equal measure.  I am truly grateful for his extraordinary guidance, and for the support, I have received from the entire team at Sagely Health.
“Sagely Health has been our family's trusted adviser. I can't imagine where we would be without them.”

— Penny in California
“Sagely Health’s incredibly hard work has succeeded in discovering exciting new therapies that were previously unknown by my doctors, but all of whom agreed were the best options for me.”

— Max in Iowa
“So much of this is a bit over our heads, and sometimes answers seem impossibly out of reach. To know that things are not actually out of reach is very helpful, and so appreciated.”

— Leslie in Florida
“Thank you so much for this. It is helpful for me to have good questions to ask my doctor, so I appreciate you making it so easy for me - especially when I’m not mentally my best right now.”

—  Mary in New York
Dr Sager is an independent oncologist whose company has built a ground-breaking platform that will match you with trials that are perfect for your unique situation.  He is also one of the smartest, most compassionate, and dedicated doctors I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  He helps patients to blaze their own trail, on their own terms, and he takes the extraordinary burden of responsibility off the shoulders of their loved ones.

—  Caitlin in UK
A happy and proud woman with her arms folded.


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