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It is back. What should I expect?

I was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer in May 2020 and progressed to stage 4 (liver metastasis) in January 2021. I finished my chemo and radiation in June 2022 and had been NED since then. But my scheduled MRI came back with some lesions on my liver. It is back…

I think my doctor will go with radiotherapy ablation since the new one seems to be small thanks to routine checks. Then I will have some more chemo and hope to stay NED this time.

What should I expect?


Good to hear it is small and can be ablated with radiotherapy. Given that it came back once, I would recommend requesting your original tumor (biopsy or surgery sample) have genetic analysis with Next Gen Sequencing. Based on the results, they might add something into the treatment now (with the chemo) or have an option lined up for later, should it ever come back again (and I hope not). You already know what else to do - frequent follow-ups so if it does come back, you are ready to clobber it again. Hope this helps.

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Jason Sager, MD