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Colon Cancer Progress

So after 10 rounds of Capox and 10 rounds of Xeliri I did not get any better or any worse according to my last scan. I have another scan coming next month and see my oncologist in January. A bit frustrated at this news so maybe he has another plan of attack. He did mention Keytruda but I guess I'll see in January. Do you agree?


If the cancer is still present and stable, it is likely to begin growing again once the chemo stops. A PET/CT scan can be useful to see how 'active' the tumors are (see

In addition, I would recommend requesting from the doctor that the tumor (past biopsy or surgical sample) has Next Gen Sequencing (genetic analysis) that can find weaknesses to be targeted. One of the changes is called MSI-high, and in these cases Keytruda would be expected to help. If not, then it's unlikely Keytruda by itself will work well enough, but there are likely clinical trials with treatment combinations that may work better. If helpful, I'd be happy to help find some near you.

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