Patient-centered plan throughout your journey.

Continually re-evaluate the best options along the cancer journey while keeping the patient’s unique biology, situation, and goals front and center. 
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More than one approach.

Fighting cancer is complex. It involves multiple types of treatment and often requires transitioning between standard and innovative care. Providing personalized guidance entails taking into account a patient's unique medical information, values, preferences, and goals, and matching it against all available diagnostics and treatment options. The outcome of this process is a personalized plan that, in most cases, includes multiple hopeful options. 

Focus on what’s next, know what’s coming.

Fighting cancer is a journey. A few patients will need only one therapy type, and many others will go through multiple forms of treatment. While it is critical to decide on the right next steps, for many patients, it is equally important to know that additional options are available in case the current ones are too harsh or ineffective.  This knowledge instills patients with hope along their path.

On-going monitoring and iterations.

Cancer is a dynamic condition. It requires close monitoring of the patient’s progress and response to the selected treatment option. Moreover, the medical field makes discoveries about cancer every day. At Sagely Health, we monitor both patients and advances in medicine, ensuring patients always know about all hopeful viable options.

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