Our Pathfinder Service

Sagely Health is now able to offer a completely customized Pathfinder Report for any nearly any cancer patient, whether you are recently diagnosed or looking for the next line of treatment.

What's Included?

  • A detailed guide for gathering necessary information and obtaining medical records.
  • Phone call or video-conference to ask you some questions and collect the information needed to do our work. 
  • An exhaustive search of treatment options matching the patient’s situation alongside up-to-the-minute research from across the world.
  • A detailed Pathfinder Report that provides multiple treatment approaches.
  • Support to answer your questions for up to 2 weeks following the delivery of the report.
$1,200 one-time fee per report

How Does It Work?

Within 2-3 days of getting all the necessary information, we will deliver a Pathfinder Report via email that summarizes your situation, provides clear, easily understood treatment options, and gives you a list of questions to ask your oncologist (current or new) to achieve the best possible outcome.
Gain peace of mind knowing:
For each treatment option, we provide available scientific findings that make our reports medically influential with any member of your care team.

We email you the report, along with a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

The report will include specific questions for you to consider and discuss with your doctors and medical team.

There is space in the report to record the answers you receive. These answers can be sent back to us so that we can provide further specific guidance. 

We are available as questions arise, and want to hear immediate feedback about how our report worked, answers to the proposed questions, as well as updates about changes to your situation over time.
An oncologist talking with a patient.
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We offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee if we fail to find suitable options for your situation.