Our Concierge Service

No matter your cancer, your stage, or where you are on your journey, we will provide the support you need. You will have the personal attention of a trained oncologist and be assigned a patient advocate to help guide you and answer questions.

What's Included?

  • Personal attention of a oncology-trained physician who will meet with you (virtually) up to twice a month
  • An experienced Patient Advocate to guide you and answer your questions
  • A detailed intake process and support gathering necessary medical records
  • Development of a customized strategic diagnostic and treatment roadmap 
  • Pathfinder Reports as needed to identify and access the most appropriate diagnostics and treatments
  • Direct communication with your medical team, when needed and preferred
$10,000 for the first 6 months,
then $1,000 per month thereafter
Strategic Diagnostic and Treatment Roadmap to Implementation and Support to Personalized Reports to Monitoring and Updates
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Our Service is Customized to Your Needs

Each cancer patient and situation is different. Every step of the way, we are available for support, research, discussions, and answers.

We’ve developed the know-how, expertise, and technology to help any cancer patient access more promising care and navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.
Gain peace of mind knowing:

How It Works


Each cancer patient and situation is different, but our work always begins with an understanding of your unique situation. We will help you gather medical records and review your case. We'll learn about what is important to you and let you know how we can help.

Exhaustive Search

We will then perform a detailed search of thousands of available therapies, including clinical trials, treatment protocols, standard treatments, diagnostic tests, and more. 

We'll factor in your medical information, prior treatments, family history, and your travel and therapy preferences to develop a shortlist of personalized options.

Pathfinder Report

You will be presented with an easily digestible Pathfinder Report that clearly lays out our findings and recommendations. This report will include information for you as well as more technical information for your oncologist and medical team.

Implementation Support

We will provide a detailed walk-through and answer any questions you and your loved ones may have.

However you and your doctors decide to move forward, we can assist in the implementation of any of the therapeutic and diagnostic recommendations.

Here As Long As You Need Us

As you reach your next milestone, we will continue to be available as an advisor and provide ongoing support.

We will check-in regularly and keep our research on your case up-to-date, offer proactive suggestions and updates on the latest findings. We remain prepared to spring back into action immediately should any new events occur.

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We begin with a free consultation to make sure the service is a good match for you.