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Unbiased expertise. On your side.

A cancer patient would usually meet a community oncologist who considers only standard options, and sometimes, a cancer research oncologist who is bound only to offer solutions within their cancer center's four walls. In contrast, Sagely Health oncology experts are not affiliated with any health network, health insurer, specific research center, or rely on funds from pharma companies, which frees us to provide objective and unbiased expert guidance.

Empowering patients with knowledge.

We believe that in the case of cancer, it is ever more critical to empower patients and help them take control over critical decisions affecting their health. Following our detailed research for all viable options, we prepare a detailed report, which is both patient-friendly and medically-persuasive. We then meet the patient to review and explain the options, answer questions, and plan the next steps.

Implementation support. When you need it most.

Our advocacy is centered around equipping patients with optimal treatment strategies, but we don’t stop there. Our goal is to ensure access and implementation of the chosen plan of action. We answer all questions coming from patients, their caregivers, and the medical team and integrate emotional, financial, and logistical support, as needed.

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