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We help patients with questions like:
  • I am worried about recurrence, cancer growth. What can I do?
  • I am stage IV and told I have only a few months. Is treatment worth it?
  • Is surgery or chemotherapy the only treatment for my cancer?
  • I have a report that I don't understand. Can you help?
  • My parent has been diagnosed with cancer. How can I help?

Get Personalized Cancer Guidance

We offer unbiased recommendations for reaching the best personalized cancer care possible.
Free Guidance

We are here to answer your cancer questions.

Ask any question related to cancer, your situation, or a problem you're facing. Dr. Sager and the Sagely Health team will provide a detailed, personalized answer.
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Consultation Service
We will review your case and identify the right steps for you. We will help you access the best oncologist and treatment for you.

Second Opinion Matching

Delivered via email

We will find the ideal oncologist to see for your second opinion, matched to your cancer and your needs.

We will make the referral and appointment for you.

You do not need your oncologist's permission for a second opinion and you do not need to tell your doctor that you are getting a second opinion.

We will connect you to top oncologists at the country's best cancer centers.

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Live Video Consultation

with Dr. Sager and a patient advocate

You’ll be assigned a patient advocate who will help you gather your medical records and make sure we have the full picture.

You will then have a 1-hour video consultation with Dr. Sager and your advocate. 

They will answer any questions you have and walk you through our recommendations.

You will receive a recording of the call and a written report. You’ll have our continued support as you carry out step-by-step instructions.

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Get a Cancer Consultation
Tell us a little about your situation first. We will let you know how we can help and how to get started.

Concierge Service

We also offer concierge service with ongoing personalized guidance and specialized support from Dr. Sager. Contact us to learn more.
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We Help Cancer Patients Like You

“So much of this is a bit over our heads, and sometimes answers seem impossibly out of reach. To know that things are not actually out of reach is very helpful, and so appreciated.”

— Mary in New York
“Thank you so much for this. It is helpful for me to have good questions to ask my doctor, so I appreciate you making it so easy for me - especially when I’m not mentally my best right now.”

—  Leslie in Florida
“Sagely Health’s incredibly hard work has succeeded in discovering exciting new therapies that were previously unknown by my doctors, but all of whom agreed were the best options for me.”

— Max in Iowa
“Sagely Health has been our family's trusted adviser. I can't imagine where we would be without them.”

— Penny in California