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In 2017, Zvi was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of cancer that begins within the brain. He went through brain surgery and the six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, which is the standard-of-care.

After about 2 or 3 months of chemotherapy, he realized that he would not tolerate the treatment for much longer. Combining this realization with the survivability statistics, and the location of cancer that threatened to affect his speaking abilities and other cognitive skills, left Zvi, and his family shocked. They were questioning how to best approach the complicated situation in which they suddenly found themselves.

Zvi's wife, Barabra, tells us of her experience with Sagely Health: "It was through a confluence of different sources - a friend of a friend and the internet. Initially, I asked to speak with other patients that worked with Sagely Health. Dr. Sager knew where I was located and sent me a close reference that happened to be a long time patient of Sagely Health. She told me about the enormous added-value that she has experienced over time with Sagely Health because of her particular combination of diseases and how Sagely Health has been helping her through it. For me, at the time, it was like a godsend."

"Once signing with Sagely Health, I found them to be an anchor in the storm. They provided authority, medical background, experience working with novel cancer therapies, and new drug development. It was everything that we needed at the time."

"My husband was struggling to find a tolerable dose of chemotherapy, but Dr. Sager introduced us to the idea of metronomic dosing. Now my husband is thriving on his chemotherapy and will hopefully continue to be on for a long time in the future. This idea was never suggested by the oncologists that treated Zvi. We have a great medical team but needed some out-of-the-box thinking or deviations from standard-of-care, this was an enormous added value that Sagely Health provided. Our medical team has been extremely receptive to every suggestion Dr. Sager, and Sagely Health has to offer. Nine times out of ten, they will automatically say it makes sense. Sometimes, they'll ask to study the suggestion, but they always come back either immediately or after a few days and say that we should go for it."

"Currently, we don't need to tap into Sagely Health's expertise every week as we used to, and that's a great thing. Knowing that they are a phone call or email away offers to use the reassurance we need. They are always responsive, and they add so much value to our care. For me, it's the best insurance for my mental health and well-being as I try to manage my husband's medical situation.", she summarizes.

Zvi is now two and a half years since diagnosis and continues his life journey.

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