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Leaving no stone unturned. Navigating the complexities of transitioning between standard of care and innovative therapies.

In December of 2015, Cherie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  It was an aggressive form of cancer with a poor prognosis and borderline operability. In fact, the overall survival median for Cherie was only 11.1 months.  Cherie and her family were shocked by the diagnosis and her quickly deteriorating state. She began treatment immediately with the standard-of-care chemotherapy, which she was on for around six months. The chemo was followed with an unsuccessful surgery that left her feeling hopeless.

It was around this time that Cherie’s husband heard about Sagely Health through a friend. They felt that they lacked other options and were interested in pursuing innovative therapies, but did not know where to start.  Upon collaboration with Sagely Health, Dr. Sager and the rest of the team explored different treatment avenues, including clinical trials, which were presented to Cherie and her primary oncologist.  

Things turned to the better, after finding a doctor who was optimistic and willing to try surgery.  It was a critical decision point that resulted in a successful operation that gave Cherie eight months, where she was feeling well and did not need any treatment.  

When Cherie’s cancer came back, she consulted with both the team at Sagely Health and her primary oncologist to develop a plan of action.  Sagely offered another list of clinical trials and set up meetings for second opinions with cancer specialists across the country.  After walking through all options and meeting with experts from Arizona to New York, Cherie and her team agreed on a clinical trial that she began in mid-2018. The results were better than most patients, and Cherie remained stable for exactly one year when they started to see a tiny bit of tumor growth after 50% shrinkage in the first couple of months. Moreover, the trial began to overwhelm her physically and emotionally and needed another change in the treatment course.

Cherie once again went to the drawing board to find other options. For a while, Cherie went back to a standard of care treatment, but now she is about to embark on her second clinical trial. One that was recommended by Sagely three years ago when she first reached out.

Leaving no stone unturned, continuously looking for different treatment options, and transitioning between the standard-of-care and advanced treatment options was critical for Cherie’s complex journey.

While reflecting on her time working with Sagely, Cherie noted that one of the best aspects was their view of each patient as an individual and their personalization of plans based on each patient's needs.  She has appreciated the data-driven opinions and open communication that Sagely offered throughout her journey thus far.  At this time, Cherie is almost five years since diagnosis and continues to tap into Sagely’s expertise as needed. She has far surpassed expectations based on her prognosis, a true miracle.

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